Secured cloud servers for small business.
24/7 Support, a 99.99% Uptime, and Free Backups.
Remote Desktop
Ready-to-work, highly secured remote desktops for every employee
Alarm Button
Remote server shutdown, by pressing the panic button in the office or in the app will block the access to the server and stop all operations
Secure Mail
Messages do not leave the cloud server during correspondence within the company, so there is no risk of interception.
Secure communications
Messenger in your iPhone that stores information only on a cloud server. It turns off when the panic button is pressed
Video surveillance
Monitor the office from your mobile phone 24/7
Legal Support
The lawyer will be in an hour in your office to protect the interests of the owner and the company. 100% Russian legislation
Economic Security Audit
We will analyze the security of your office: storage of documents, seals, flash drives and e-token and fix errors for maximum security. 100% Russian legislation
Cyber Security Audit
We will check the existing infrastructure for resistance to hacks and external attacks. Audit of safety and security of your company's commercial information. Checking software fault tolerance in a critical situation. Configure all systems for smooth operation in any situation
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